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Evening Bag

Small (5 1/2" square) elegant, Chinese brocade shoulder bag with inside pocket EB01
$33.00 Order

Placemat & Table Runner

Chinese brocade placemat with poly batting and navy cotton-poly broadcloth lining, 14" x 20"
Chinese brocade table runner, navy cotton-poly broadcloth lining, 14" wide, 3' minimum
$26.00 Order
$12.00/ft. Order

Throw Pillows

Brocade patchwork of Japanese quilt designs, piped, cotton velveteen back, 15" square TP01
$108.00 Order

Throw Pillow Cover

One simple Chinese brocade, piped, bengaline or moire back, 16" square, zipper closing TP02
$48.00 Order

Pillow Shams

Chinese brocade slipcovers for standard bed pillows, two brocades on the diagonal, bengaline back, 20" x 26". TP03
$50.00 Order


Chinese brocade zippered cover, 19"x 6", inner stuffing of buckwheat hulls TP04
$65.00 Order

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