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The brocades used in these products come from India and China, for the most part. The Indian brocades are hand-made, quite a bit more expensive, have very rich designs, a fairly loose weave – resulting in an occasional lack of symmetry and significant ravelling of the raw material. The Chinese brocades are machine made, less expensive, with more dependable quality and are easier to work with. They are both exquisitely beautiful. Rarely are the Indian or the Chinese fabrics all silk. They are usually silk and rayon. Occasionally, they have metallic threads.

The choices I am able to offer you here are fabrics that I am fairly certain to keep in stock. However, the variety of brocades is endless, although the colours are fairly consistent. If you are buying for resale and can order 6 or more of any one product, you will get a wonderful array of brocades, no two products alike – unless you want them alike.

The linings are usually satin (acetate or polyester), moiré or bengaline (poly-cotton). They may vary depending on availability of colour (which changes with the season and fashion).

How will you decide on a brocade for your sadhana cover or puja table cloth?

  • A Certainty:
    If you see your favorite brocade offered on the fabric page, order it. You will get what you want.
  • A Surprise:
    If you enjoy a gamble, order a style and a colour, and let me choose!
  • Your Convenience:
    Your local practice materials supply store (see Links) should carry these products. You will pay a little more for the convenience of actually seeing and feeling the tremendous variety of brocades that are used in this production – only a few of which can be shown on this site.


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