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Scorpion Seal Practice Materials

Text Covers

Sadhana Cover
SC03 Chinese, $45
SC04 Indian, $55

Sadhana Cover - two brocades
SC01 Chinese, $50
SC02 Indian, $60

Commentary Cover - double brocade
(extra large, holds sadhana & sourcebook)
CC07 Chinese, $55
CC08 Indian, $65

Terma Text Cover
(holds 4 or 5 terma texts, or Profound)
ST11 Chinese, $45
ST12 Indian, $55

The Fudo
A special cover needed from SS V on
TF01 Bengaline, with tie, $25
TF02 Chinese, with tie, $28
add $2 for button option

Puja Table Cloths

Two brocades - center and vertical borders
PT07 Chinese, $55 (20"x30")
PT08 Indian, $65 (20"x30")
PT07S Chinese, $35 (10"x15")
PT08S Indian, $40 (10"x15")

Not shown: Brocade center with white bengaline or satin border, 20"x30"
PT01 Chinese, $55
PT02 Indian, $65

To Order: contact Deborah, indicate products and fabric choices

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Brocade Options

Indian Brocades

Satin Senge gold on white

Tankama gold on white

Jallamurer gold on white

Phunstok Ngata white on white

Phunstok Ngata gold on white

Chinese Brocades

Cherry Blossoms white on white

Cherry Blossoms gold on white

Floral Lace white on white

Small Dragon gold on white

Small Dragon white on white

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